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Digital Art Commissions

Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves


Fully painted and detailed in a semi-realistic style (see examples). Background can be textured or simple. More complex backgrounds are around 50% the total commission cost.

Painted Examples.PNG



Can be flat-coloured sketches, more refined line art with flat colours, painted, animation, icons etc. Please let me know in detail what it is you’re wanting, and I’ll give you a quote.


Head/bust: $40AU

Half-body: $70AU

Full-body: $100AU


Terms of Service:


Submitting the commission Google form does not guarantee that I will accept your commission. If I have accepted your commission I will contact you via your preferred contact method and we will proceed from there.


Once I start work on your commission, I will allow up to a maximum of 2 edits (only if requested). Any requested edits after this will mean additional fees. If you know you will be asking for multiple edits before I commence your commission, please let me know in advance.


Due to the unpredictability of my chronic illness, it may take up to 5 weeks for me to work on your commission from start to finish. Otherwise, generally it takes me under a week, 7 days, from start to finish. I will try and let you know before 1 week from commencing your commission if I will take any longer.


I will contact you if I have any queries regarding your commission. It would be very much appreciated if questions are answered swiftly to prevent any delays.


My favourite things to draw (commissions with these subjects are more likely to be accepted :D ): wolves, big cats, dragons and any Australian animal!


I will not draw (please feel free to ask me about anything else): NSFW, anything offensive/hateful, overly violent scenes, a lot of gore (e.g. showing gruesome death, lots of blood, overly scary wounds, etc.)


I may draw (again, please feel free to ask): Humans, anthropomorphic characters, robotic characters


Visual reference sheets/photos are a requirement for commissions. Please provide a reasonably high definition photo for me to reference that isn’t blurry. Custom commissions can be drawn using a description only, although a reference of some sort will most likely still be required.


I reserve the right to stop working on a commission and will refund the amount of work that I have yet to do at any stage of the commission process. 




PayPal: Payment must be sent upfront in AUD through PayPal, including additional PayPal fees (this changes occasionally but is normally about 5% of the total commission cost). I will send an invoice to the email you provide or I will give you a link to said invoice. I do not allow chargebacks but may accept a partial refund if you ask me and no work has been done on your commission at that stage. By paying the invoice, you are agreeing to all terms stated here.


Site-specific currencies: Payment must be sent upfront. Will follow the TOS that the site has in place. May accept a partial refund if you ask me and no work has been done on your commission at that stage. By paying you are agreeing to all terms stated here.


All prices on my commission price page(s) are base costs, I may charge more depending on commission complexity and/or additional requested edits. I will give you a final quote once we have discussed the details of your commission completely. 


An idea of what a complex commission means: lots of legs/tails/wings etc such as dragons or other mythical creatures, more than three colours and/or highly detailed patterns, forced perspective or complex perspective in general, reptile scales that are large enough they have to be painted individually etc. 




Once I have completed your commission, it will usually be uploaded into a stash folder on DeviantArt or on Discord as roughly an A4 or A3 sized, 300dpi, digital copy, or a specific size if requested. I will then provide you with a link to the file(s) via your specified contact method. 


I do not watermark artworks (this may change in the future), for now, each piece I make is only signed. If you don’t want the piece signed, please let me know, and I may allow you to have an unsigned version depending on what you intend to use the piece for. 



Important Information:


Finished commissions may occasionally be uploaded to some of my social media galleries (Instagram, DeviantArt, Flickr etc.).


You may do whatever they would like with the finished piece but you may not use the artwork for profit in any way without my written permission (I have different prices for commercial work, please ask for a quote). You may have it printed for your personal use, for example, but may not make NFTs or sell prints of it in any way. Credit would, of course, be appreciated if uploaded to any online platforms :D


Please note that I reserve full rights and ownership of the artwork. I may re-post, use and sell created art in digital or physical forms if I wish to do so. This includes my Patreon where I may show time-lapses, WIPs, breakdowns etc. I may also upload time-lapses of the art to my YouTube channel and on my Instagram. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to ask. 


If you have read all or at least skimmed through this TOS, please add "thylacine freckles" somewhere in your commission form 😉


 These terms may be subject to change. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! 


(Last updated on 20th November 2022 by Cherish)

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